Ageing process

It is important that you understand the ageing process and that it may take several visits to replace what the face has lost.

Some patients may only need a little tweaking to stop them looking tired, everyone is unique and many factors affect patients differently, for example, smoking, sun damage, stress and poor diet.

Many people don’t like their jowls or naso-labial lines (deep lines between the nose edge and mouth). The problem here is mid-face deficit caused by diminished fat pads, lax ligaments, bone reabsorption and muscle wasting, causing the decent of lax skin.


You need to fix this by doing cheek fillers first, to lift the weight off the naso-labial lines.  Only when you have done this procedure should you then soften the naso-labial line (if at all).

Patients may also point to a single line on their face and want that to disappear.  However, I use the analogy that if you wanted a builder to fix your dilapidated house, you would not be happy if he just painted the walls, without firstly removing the crumbling paint work (skin).


If the walls were falling down inside the house (fat pads, muscles and ligaments) you would need to repair those. 

Moreover, you would need to ensure that the foundations were solid first (bone).

Ageing Process