May 2, 2019

March 2, 2019

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March 2, 2019

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Treating the Male Face

May 10, 2019

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), the number of men swapping body treatments for non-invasive facial cosmetic procedures, such as eyelid and brow lifts, has increased by 25% - 27% and facelifts by 16% in 2018.

As non-invasive facial cosmetic procedures are now popular for both genders, it is important to highlight some important factors when treating the male face, as it’s completely different to treating the female face.


Male versus female facial anatomy


The Forehead - Height and width are greater in men than women.


The Eyebrows - For males, this is flatter in contour and sits lower in along the orbital rim.


The Eyes - The orbit is larger and rounder, but, is proportionately smaller in size in relation to the skull in males.


The Nose – ideally wide and straight, whereas in females, it is narrow and laterally concave.


The Cheeks - In males, these are wider and flatter than female cheeks.


The Lips - These become smaller and thinner in both sexes with age.


The Chin and Jaw Line - Males have a protruding chin, with a wide square jaw.


The Fat - Men have less fat in their face, which contributes to deeper wrinkles with age.


Why are men opting for non-invasive cosmetic treatment?


Men tell me that they like coming to my clinic, where they are only ever seen by me. They like the anonimity and the relaxed atmosphere. They want to look less tired and younger in appearance for their age, but they do not want it to be obvious that they’ve had ‘work’ done, or for their appearance to change dramatically. Therefore, lots of men do not want surgery and opt for non- invasive treatments.

Dermal fillers are convenient, less traumatic, there is no ‘down time’ and they give very natural results. When you understand the ageing process, it makes sense to augment the areas of the face that age first.


What physically happens to the male ageing face?


As you age, you get bone resorption, especially around the eyes and maxillary angle (middle of the face). This weakening of the bony foundation affects the soft tissues (fat, muscle, ligaments and skin) which causes the face to drop, giving the appearance of tiredness and sagginess. The depletion of volume to the mid face, results in a baggy eye look. Also, the nasolabial fold is exaggerated and the groove in the mid-face gives a downward-drag look to the whole appearance.

To combat this, I would concentrate the filler in the mid face without creating a curve (which feminises the face).


Why it is important to understand the facial structure and differences between male and female faces?


I think it’s important to understand the difference between male and female face structures, as this helps to ensure that you do not feminise a man’s face. As an Advanced Practitioner, I would concentrate the filler in the mid face without creating a curve. I would also ensure that a man would have an angular jaw and prominent chin.


Treatments I can offer that can help reduce the signs of ageing?


Popular with my clients - 


• Botox for deep lines to the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes


• Peels for fine lines and wrinkles


• Subtle deep filler to cheeks and mid-face


• Filler around the corners of the mouth and side of the mouth


• Contouring of the jaw/chin to give a more defined jaw and chin angle


• Lamb’s Aesthetics creams and serums



Treatments and pricing



• Botox for three areas is £220


• Peels from £60


• Cheeks and mid-face fillers from £250-£500


• Fillers around the mouth from £250


• Contouring the jaw/chin from £500




Come along for a free consultation with no obligation - 


Lambs Aesthetics




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